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Our 20th anniversary story of gratitude

It's hard to believe that BouncePath has been telling stories with some of the best and the brightest for some of the most respected in commercial real estate for 20 years!

When we started, mobile phones were a thing but they weren't smart. It was a workout to carry a laptop through the airport. Megabytes were the max. And media didn't socialize.

Fast forward many, many emails, pixels, meetings, jpgs, tradeshows, gigabytes, hits, PDFs, calls, searches, laughs, successes... and, most importantly, stories. It's 2021.

Our journey stretched our storytelling talents, partnered us with amazing professionals, supported trend-setting, box-breaking developments and companies, grew our talent bench with the finest mavens, and – most importantly – delivered top-notch results for those who welcomed us as part of their roster.

We are full of gratitude for everyone who touched our lives and made 20 years possible. That's you. That's our clients – past and current. Our colleagues. Our friends and family. Our cheerleaders. Our team. Our success is your success. Without you, we could not have done it!

So, thank you. For the opportunity to be BouncePath. To share stories. To be fanatics. We are honored to be here today, and we look forward to sharing the next 20 years with you. Cheers!


Not those insane, obnoxious people. But rather aficionados, enthusiasts, devotees. BouncePath shares stories with purpose to those who need to hear it in a way they understand it.

We love stories…

Hearing them. Reading them. Creating them. Sharing them.

We’re commercial real estate junkies who are passionate, strategic, enthusiastic ambassadors of the best stories — your stories.

So, what’s the story with our name?

We employ marketing and media solutions that help you bounce towards success along a well-planned path.